Contact Elvis Welding
3824 Business Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Phone Numbers
Office 843-236-6118
Toll-Free 866-609-8769
Fax 843-236-6119

Employment Opportunity

Job Opportunities

Please call our office to inquire about current job opportunities (843) 236-6118.

  • You will need to come by and fill out an application.
  • Please bring valid drivers license and Social Security Card.
  • We operate a drug and alcohol free work environment.

Expectations of you as an Employee

When becoming a team player at Elvis Welding you are welcome to our team with a given trust and the expectation to do your best work possible. You will be sent out in the field with the understanding of the job you are required to do. Elvis Welding has a safety program you will go through, and the safety guidelines you are required to follow. At any time if you are uncomfortable it is up to you to speak up, you will not be asked to perform a job you feel is unsafe. Elvis Welding and your supervisors will do all they can do to make you feel safe and welcome. You are required to report to the shop daily on time.

At Elvis Welding, we understand sometimes life requires you to miss work, we are understanding, willing, and able to work with you. Please remember to be considerate and allow ample time for us to make arrangements for you to miss any time from work. When becoming an employee you will need your own tools these tools are your responsibility and if needed Elvis Welding can make arrangements with you to get the tools you will need, and pay them off in due time. After paying off the tools, they will be yours. Welcome to our team if you have any questions feel free to ask.

* A full employee handbook with rules and regulations will be provided for the employee to view and read. The employee will be required to sign and date a statement, stating the employee understands all rules and regulations.